Alternative Uses for Carpet Scraps


So you just finished carpeting your home, but with all that money spent, it seems like a waste to throw out the extra carpet scraps, doesn’t it? Well, there are a bunch of different alternative uses for carpet scraps, from big to small; you’ll find yourself using them more than you initially thought. Regardless of the project, you’d be surprised all the different uses that can come from those spare pieces of carpeting.

5 Alternative Uses for Carpet Scraps

  1. Moving Furniture

    Along with your carpeting, you also have nice wooden floors. The last thing any homeowner wants is to see their wood floors damaged, especially when it could have been prevented. So, if you’re moving furniture along your wood floors, take four scraps of that spare carpeting, place it under the legs of the piece, and it should help to move the furniture without harming the flooring.

  2. Getting Tires Unstuck

    Whether your car gets stuck in the driveway during the winter, or if your lawnmower gets stuck in the mud during the summer, spare carpeting is a great solution to both problems. All your need to do is wedge a piece of carpeting in the front of the tire as well as the back, and push it in enough so the tire can grip it.

  3. Knee Cushioning

    Any type of home labor that requires you to get on your hands and knees, such as scrubbing the floors, or gardening, use scraps of carpeting to provide your knees with some extra cushion.

  4. Cushion the Garage Walls

    It’s no surprise that your garage walls may have collected some dents and dings overtime from throwing open your car door and not realizing how close you were. If you have long strips of spare carpeting, you can secure it to the wall for some added protection.

  5. Muffle the Washer and Dryer

    When you have a large load in the washer or dryer, it can make a lot of noise, but to the point where it sounds like it might shoot through the roof. Well, if you take a piece of scrap carpeting and place it under the corner of the appliance that’s rattling, it should muffle the noise for you.

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