How can I fix my Moth eaten rug?

Damage Rug Restoration

It is not difficult to repair a moth damaged rug but re weaving a large area of moth damage can be expensive.Your rugs or fabric is not eaten by moth but the female moths do lay hundred of eggs. Once the eggs hatch into larvae and larvae can consume large amount of wool, silk fabric, feather and fur each day.The Oriental or Antique rugs are not often kept in high traffic areas and are often victims of moths. In a dark, undisturbed areas where a rug gets little traffic and is not often vacuumed. Thousands of moths can effectively attack and destroy your valuable rug.

It is important to know the damage caused by moth and prevent them spreading from one rug to another. It is always wise to act fast. Vacuuming thoroughly should help to kill off larvae and eggs. You probably need to use some specialist solutions as a vacuum is unlikely to be able to reach deep lying problems.

Professional rug cleaning thoroughly is the best way to prevent damage to your rug. The washing removes the larvae and hot drying destroys the eggs.

Carpet Culture can professionally restore carpets that have had any kind of moth rug damaged, after professional cleaning.

Damage Rug Restoration

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