How is my rug going to be cleaned?

Wet Cleaning Process

Any hand made oriental or new rug is unique. Your rug will be cleaned with the most suitable method of its origin, age, type of fibers and dyes used. We do not use automated heavy machinery or abrasive cleaning products. The cleaning process carried out on your rugs or carpets is done by using nothing but natural or soft fibre brushes. Kindly check our rug cleaning video and you can see shortened version of our wet rug cleaning process.

We thoroughly inspect your rug prior to any cleaning process or repair work. Your rug will be checked for signs of any existing conditions or damages.

We dislodge any build in dust or grit from the pile of your rug by using a vibrating brush. I will say this the same as old fashioned way of beating a rug but gentler. Then your rugs are immersed in water and cleaned using natural specialist rug cleaning shampoos. Immersion wash is the best method of cleaning rugs and the results are great.

We will rinse your rug, excess water extracted in and left to dry naturally. After your rug is completely dry. We will dust it again to remove any remaining grit that has been loosened during the rug cleaning process.

Your rug will be finally inspected, professional packed prior to delivery.

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