Rug and Carpet Cleaning SCAM! What to know to avoid Rug Cleaning SCAMs?


Scams are there in almost every industry. Everyone tries to compete with each other and as a result some people adopt the dirty way of marketing by spreading Scams all over the virtual world. They share a common trait which ultimately victimizes the customer or consumer and the scammers main intention is to steal the consumers money by giving crappy products/services for more. Rug cleaning industry is also a part of this scamming cycle. Scammers are spreading advertisement for discounted rug cleaning services and at the end the rip off the customer with tons of hidden fees and extraneous charges. Taking advantage of current economical conditions and customer’s intention to save money, certain companies influence customers with a very cheap rates in order to get the business. The main reason of this post is to inform the consumers to AVOID the scams.

How this Rug Cleaning SCAMS work

Let’s assume you have a great oriental rug or antique rug which needs to be cleaned. So you decided to search in Google or online to find a good professional cleaners who can do it for you. Thats where you became a victim of these scams. Few companies put their rates too low that you get interested and think of saving money. Let’s say one company is offering $2 per square feet of an handmade antique rug cleaning and another one is asking $5. Most people will be interested with the $2 one.

So, here what actually happens. Handmade rugs are very sensitive and it need to go through a pool of water at the beginning to get cleaned properly. But there is another way which called FOAM Wash. This way cleaners will wash the front and back of the rug using foams while all the bacteria and dirts are still inside! So, the $2 company may offer you cleaning on the spot and let’s think that they came on time, started cleaning the rug and in the meantime they are offering you different services like deep cleaning. They will bring up additional charges by finding several reasons and charging you for things using fancy terms which aren’t actually true at all. When you express confusion about the matters, they will often become irritated and/or rude! By the time they leave, your fine antique rug gets a rough front and back wash with some perfume smell and your wallet has been raided by those hidden fees! So, at the end if you calculate and compare the initial high charge versus the initial low cost with hidden charges, you’re jeopardizing your expensive carpet and losing a ton of money. Find legitimate companies!

How to recognize the Scam and Avoid it?

There are few check points you have to keep in mind in order to detect a rug cleaning scam and avoid it.

  1. Price- The moment you see or get a very low price quote, instantly be on alert and check the below steps to confirm whether the company is fake or it’s scam!
  2. Physical Location- Most of the scammers won’t have any exact physical location of their business, orscam-allert even if they have one, they will not show that in public or in website. They will just have a fancy website with lots of Discount coupons or huge “CALL US” signs.
    As you can see in the picture, 1 company has their physical address with less review and the other one has more review, but there are no address, just a phone number. Now you have to verify who are real and who might be scam.
  3. Company Name- Most of the scammers won’t use their real company name, instead they use a keyword to attract customer. If you call them, they will say “Rug Cleaning” or “Carpet Cleaning”, NOT “XYZ Company”.
  4. Public Reviews- In current era of internet and cellphone, you can share your opinion in many ways, like Google or Yelp! So, read the reviews and see what the previous customer said about them. But keep in mind, sometimes the reviews you see may not be true also, because there are a lot of companies who work on Social Media Marketing and sell reviews. It’s always wise to see the Not Recommended reviews on Yelp too and in Google, check the writing styles. If you read carefully, you will recognize the fake reviews.
  5. Authentication/ Certification- Most of the reputed business have a history and you can find it by looking online. Also you can check for trustworthy certifications if anything available on their website or not. Like BBB Accreditation.

If you just follow these steps, you will be able to avoid these scams easily and end up being satisfied with your clean handmade rug! And remember, to get the best services, you always have to spend a little more money and rug cleaning is not an easy job to do! So be careful and be wise.

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