Advantages of Area Rugs

There is a suitable rug for every area and room in the house or office. There are many reasons why to choose an area rug and how it is beneficial. Here are 4 main reasons...

Advantages of Area Rugs | Tips by Carpet Culture


  1. Interior
    Area rugs are available in many colors, shapes, and qualities. The right chosen carpet will add elegance and comfort feeling for your home or a business environment. Also if you do not have underfloor heating, hard floors can be cold during the cold winter times. Rugs have a significant insulating power which will keep your place warm.

  2. Health benefits
    Rugs improve the air quality and indoor climate. Studies have shown that rugs are more beneficial than hard surface floors for people with breathing difficulty. 

  3. Sound Absorbing
    Rugs improve room acoustics and absorb the sounds by minimizing noise levels. The hard surface can not absorb sound the way that a rug does. Rugs will significantly decrease the noise in your environment.

  4. Safety
    Hard surfaces can be slippery. Rugs are non-slippery, providing a soft and warm surface. Rugs provide safety protection and minimizing injuries and prevent falls.