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Old Konya-tulu Rug KON-037
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Old Konya-Tulu Rug > Design# 381 > 4'-4" X 4'-11"
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Carpet Culture, Handmade Rugs, Rug, Area Rugs, Shop Rug, Rug Shopping
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8 X 9 Rug
8 X 10 Rug
8 X 10 Rug
8 X 10 Rug

Moroccan rugs are very well known for the authenticity of their making and weaving. Tribal people of Morocco used to weave these rugs for the purpose of decorating their living area. But during the 20th century, Moroccan rugs were widely collected by western people for use as floor cover as well as wall hanging decoration. These Moroccan tribal people who weaved these Moroccan rugs do not have any specific professional artistic training, yet they have created these beautiful Berber rugs.

A vintage Moroccan rug aka Berber rug or shag rug can last for a very long time. Berber rugs are very well known for the comfortable feeling under your feet and for giving a nice cozy warm feeling in your living space. 

Most Moroccan Berber rugs are shaggy, which is also known as long hair rugs. These rugs are made with very fine quality wool collected from atlas mountain. 

Moroccan Berber rugs come in unusual sizes. In the modern age, nowadays, Moroccan rugs are also being made in different other countries, which are more in usual sizes like 6 by 9 or 8 by 10 feet. These rugs take inspiration from the original Moroccan design but are made in different countries with less shag.

Moroccan rugs come in the usual beige wool color with a brown or black design on the top, but also these Berber rugs come in different colors too. 

Shag rugs are very popular nowadays. Most of the shag rugs either come from Morocco or Turkey. Carpet Culture has a big collection of shag rugs from different parts of the world. Moroccan shag rugs are authentic vintage shag rugs while Turkish shag rugs are newer. Turkish shag rugs can be available in standard US Sizes, but Moroccan shag or Moroccan Berber rugs are available in odd shapes, mostly in the long family. Currently, traditional diamond shape designed Moroccan rugs are also being made in India to provide it in standard US Size.

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