Custom Rug Creation - Tailored Elegance for Your Space

Embark on a journey of bespoke elegance with Carpet Culture, New York City's premier destination for custom rugs. At Carpet Culture, we blend artistry with craftsmanship to create rugs that perfectly match your vision and space. From initial concept to delivery, our step-by-step process ensures a personalized experience, transforming your ideas into luxurious, handcrafted rugs. Utilizing only the finest materials and skilled artisans, we guarantee a piece that not only complements your decor but also stands as a testament to unparalleled quality. Begin your custom rug creation journey with Carpet Culture today and elevate your space with a unique masterpiece

Materials & Colors

Choose from 1200 Wool shades & 1000 Viscose shades or Just bring your own colors!


Step 1: Get Started - Reaching out & Consultation
  • Reach Out: Interested in a custom rug? Fill out our inquiry form or give us a call to begin. Your dream rug journey starts here at Carpet Culture in NYC!
  • Consultation: Let’s discuss your vision. Whether it’s a virtual chat or an in-person meeting, we’re here to understand your needs, explore your space, and gather any specific requirements for your custom rug.
Step 2: Design Together - Brainstorming & Visualizing
  • Brainstorming Session: Share your inspirations, themes, and aspirations with us. This collaborative phase is where your rug starts to take shape.
  • Visualizing Your Rug: With sketches and digital renderings, we’ll bring your ideas to life, offering a glimpse into what your custom rug could look like.
Step 3: Choose What’s Best for You - Materials & Colors
  • Materials Selection: Select from our premium materials, including wool and viscose, to find the perfect match for your lifestyle and decor.
  • Color Your World: Dive into our expansive color palette, featuring over 1200 shades of wool and 1000 shades of viscose, to choose the hues that best reflect your style and complement your space. At Carpet Culture, we understand the importance of the perfect color match. That's why we offer an unparalleled selection to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for. Can't find the shade you envision? We specialize in color customization - if you can dream it, we can bring any color to life. Embrace the full spectrum of possibilities and let us help you achieve the precise shade to complete your unique rug design.
Step 4: Budgeting Made Transparent - Flexible Quote
  • Custom Quote: We provide a detailed quote based on your design choices, ensuring transparency in pricing. No surprises, just clarity.
  • Flexibility: Adjustments can be made to materials, size, and design to meet your budget without compromising quality.
  • Deposit: A 50% Deposit is required to start the order.
Step 5: Approve Your Design - Refinements & Approval
  • Refinements: We fine-tune the design based on your input, ensuring every detail is perfect.
  • Approval: After you’re completely satisfied with the design, materials, colors, and quote, we move forward to the next step.
Step 6: Sample Production and Final Approval - Sample
  • Sample Creation: Before the full rug is crafted, we produce a small sample. This allows you to see and feel the materials and design up close.
  • Approve the Sample: Your approval of the sample ensures that everything is exactly as you envisioned, setting the stage for the full-size production.
Step 7: Bringing Your Rug to Life - Craftsmanship & QC
  • Craftsmanship: Our skilled artisans begin crafting your rug, pouring their expertise into every detail. Expect updates as your rug comes to life.
  • Quality Checks: Before leaving our hands, your rug undergoes a comprehensive quality inspection to meet both our standards and yours.
Step 8: Welcome Your Rug Home - It's Time To Make It Real
  • Delivery Estimation: Based on each order, the anticipated delivery may differ. The delivery estimation will be provided during the consultation.
  • Delivery Preparation: We carefully package your rug for delivery, ensuring its protection during transit.
  • Delivery & Installation: We coordinate the delivery to your doorstep. Should you need assistance with installation, our team is here to help.
Step 9: Our Promise Continues - We Are Here For You
  • Satisfaction Check-In: After your rug is settled in its new home, we’ll reach out to ensure it has met all your expectations.
  • Share Your Thoughts: Your feedback is invaluable. It helps us continue to refine our process and deliver perfection to every customer.