Rug Care Essentials For Home

Every rug needs care. Either vacuuming a rug, cleaning a rug or holding the rug in one place. Thus we need to get necessary rug care items that are available anytime for us to use. Here is a list of items that you may keep at your home to make sure your valuable rug is taken care of.


    • Portable Vacuum Cleaner - Ideal for cleaning 2 bed rooms in one go. The vacuum storage needs to be cleaned after use.
    • Corner Gripper - Anti Slip - Holds the rug corners in place even if you use a rug pad, this gripper can provide additional support so that the rug doesn't get folded from the corner
    • Rug Pad Resizing Scissor - Sometimes handmade rugs doesn't follow conventional sizes, but rug pads does. So, to make sure your pad is 2 inches shorter on all corners, use this heavy duty Scissor to cut the edges of all kinds of rug pads
    • Refresher - Have pets at home? Sometimes they can make the rug smelling bad, and the best way to keep your rug smelling fresh is to use a Fabric Refresher or Odor Eliminating spray