Rug Rentals NYC, Downtown Manhattan

Carpet Culture has a collection of different rugs from all over the world which you can rent for any kind of Photoshoot, Movie Shooting, Party, Indoor or Outdoor events, Apartment Staging, Business place staging, new place opening or for any purpose. We provide affordable and cheap rug rental services in Downtown Manhattan and all over the New York City. We are located in Soho, New York and you can pick up any rug from our stock or you can choose online. Carpet Culture always provides Shipping & Delivery services.

Rental Conditions:

  • Rug Rental Cost- 15% to 25% of the Original Rug Price 
  • Cleaning- Some rugs may require cleaning after the rental. For those rugs, there will be an additional cleaning charges added on top of the rental fee.
  • Rug Rental Payment Policy- 100% Payment upfront
  • Rug Rental Security- Credit Card Details only. No Security Deposit.
  • Rug Rental Duration- Depends on the Location, Date, Time and Event Nature
  • Rug Damage Policy- If by any accident any rug damaged during the rental period, customer has to take care of all restoration and cleaning costs.
  • Refund Policy- There will be no refund on Rental Services.