How to Clean Your Rug in Three Easy Steps

Cleaning an area rug is not an easy job to do.

While rugs add an excellent accent to any room in your home, they’re often delicate and if you don’t take care of them, you’ll begin to see the wear and tear of your (often pricey) investment. So, in order to help you better take care of the rugs in your home, we’ve compiled a list of cleaning tips that will help you to properly vacuum the rug and keep it healthy.

With that being said, let’s get down to how to properly clean your rug.

1. Flip it Over Once a Month

    Now, we’re not telling you that you need to keep it flipped over, but once a month, you want to flip the rug and vacuum the underside of it. Some prefer to beat the dirt back into the fibers of the rug so, that way when you flip it back over, the dirt can be vacuumed up. However, if you vacuum the back, you’re pulling out all the dirt that’s been beaten into the fibers of the rug, leaving it looking cleaner. This is necessary if you are using a shag rug. You can't vacuum the shag rugs from the front. This may damage the rug. You should always vacuum any kind of shag rugs from the back side. This way the rug will be long lasting and will be dust free.

    2. Clean Up Spills as They Happen

    The same goes for any carpeting in your home. As soon as a spill occurs, you want to properly tend to it so it doesn’t stain. However, it’s important to remember that when you begin to remove a spill from the carpet, you want to stay away from any harsh cleaners and just take a damp cloth and dab the spot until it’s dry. There are few tricks to do this. For area rugs specially if it's a handmade area rug, any kind of spill will leave a mark on the rug if it's not been taken care of quickly. If you spill something on a rugs, do not rub the rug with anything. Just press some paper napkin on top of the rug to remove the extra liquids from it. If possible, flip the rug, put an empty bucket under the spot and drop clean water from the back of the rug to remove the wine stain or any other liquid stains. This is just a temporary solution. After that, if you see any mark within 24 hours, you should always call a professional rug cleaning company to clean your rug professionally so that there are no permanent damages happens to your rug. Please DO NOT try any harsh chemical or cleaning solution to clean your rug as that will cause a color damage to your rug and will add up the restoration cost more!!!

    3. Removing Pet Odor, dog pee smell

    We know you love your pets so much. But sometime they can do accidents on your precious dream rug. Do not worry if that happens. Simply cleanup the surface normally and then call a rug cleaners to clean your rug. Because without a professional cleaning, you wont be able to remove the dog pee stains, or odor from the rug. You should do this as soon as possible once the accident happen. 


    Please remember, cleaning a rug in house using steam cleaner does not actually cleans the rug properly. For a limited time, it may look good and a wise solution, but for a long run, this is very unhealthy. Because this steam cleaning will leave all kinds bacteria and other germs inside the rug and this will make the rug unhealthy for your family. It is always wise to send out the rug to the cleaning facility for a proper cleaning.